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Pinchas "Phinehas" Pinchas is the Hebrew name translated in English Bibles as Phinehas. It is also the name of the forty-first reading from the Torah because of the second verse reading, which. FFOZ - Torah Kids. Restoration of Torah - Children's Portions. Torah Puppets. Homeschooling Torah. Context for Kids. News News from and about Israel and Messianic issues. Categories Ministries We Support Instructional Ministries Praise & Worship Links for the Little Ones. Kids Love Clubhouse Torah Clubhouse is a weekly, faith-building publication for kids (8-12). Kids love the stories and lessons, and so do their parents and grandparents. Stories from the Gospels, teachings of Yeshua, studies in the weekly Torah portion, and the adventures of the Clubhouse Crew combine to build a biblical worldview. Learning to chant Torah or Torah Trope is a unique skill that you can take wherever you find yourself Sephardi Torah trope, tangamim, tangameem, te'amei mikra, ta'amei mikra, maarich tarcha pasuk mehuppach mahpach talsha telisha t'lisha tebir tevir t'vir zarka kadma kadmah zarkah zakef zakeif shofar holech munach munah yetib yetiv jetiv shalshelet shalsheleth shalsheles yerach ben yomo.
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